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Pebble Beach & Salt Marsh

Think Porlock Weir, think pebbles. The Weir is flanked on both sides by its famous shingle beach, which stretches for 5km across Porlock Bay towards Bossington. The beach can be accessed directly from the harbour. Walk across the pedestrian bridge to Turkey Island, with its pretty thatched cottages, and onto the beach behind. A World War II strong post, or ‘pill box’ stands on the beach at the entry point to the harbour.

To the east of the Weir there is a vast expanse of pebble beach that runs alongside the lowland arable land towards Bossington Point. It used to be possible to walk from one end to the other, but in 1996 the natural 6,000 year old shingle ridge was breached by a storm, resulting in the dramatic flooding of the fields behind at each high tide. This land is now changing from farmland to saltmarsh, creating a very special habitat for marine life and birds. For those wishing to walk from Porlock Weir to Bossington, it is possible to do so along the edge of the marsh along the South West Coastal Path, and to access the Bossington side of the beach via a boardwalk at high tide.

Porlock Weir - Boats on Beach
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